The Ripple Effect has been developed by the National Centre for Farmer Health, Deakin University, the Victorian Farmers Federation, AgChatOZ, the Mental Illness Fellowship North Queensland, Sandpit and Western District Health Service as part of beyondblue's STRIDE Project with donations from the Movember Foundation.

In a typical year, 2500 Australians will die by suicide.

Too many of these are from the farming community.

For every suicide and attempted suicide, a ripple effect impacts friends, family, colleagues and entire communities. Many of us have been affected by suicide in some way—and yet, because of the stigma surrounding suicide, most of these experiences remain untold.

Every story about suicide is unique...

...But each story is part of a bigger picture.

The Ripple Effect is a way to kickstart healthy and open discussion about the effect suicide has on everyone in the farming community. We want to give you an opportunity to anonymously share your experience of suicide, and to hear how others in the farming community have been affected by suicide.

The Ripple Effect Project is an opportunity to talk, to share, to listen, to help, to watch and to learn.

  • Talk

    Join our free, interactive quiz. Share with others about how suicide has affected your life.

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    Share the Ripple Effect with your mates and loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Read

    Read handwritten postcards from people who have experienced tough times.

  • Help

    Share an encouraging postcard to benefit someone who is struggling.

  • Watch

    Watch video stories from people in the farming community affected by suicide.

  • Learn

    Break down suicide stigma by learning fact from fiction

Who the Ripple Effect is for

Everyone who is affected by suicide. The Ripple Effect is designed to speak to you, no matter where you might fit into the picture.

Do your bit and turn the negative ripple of suicide into a positive ripple of support.

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